Gently rolling hills. Idyllic neighboring lands. The beautiful Kavlinge valley. These picturesque surroundings will greet golfers at the Kavlinge Golf Club.

With a stunning open countryside as a backdrop, our famed parkland features excellently maintained 72-par 18 holes that are perfect for everyone, whether you are just beginning to appreciate the sport or a proficient golfer.

The scenic golf course is a testament to the great care we took in cultivating the land. We have planted trees, shrubberies and bushes that bring out its natural beauty over the years.

There are many pleasant surprises in store for you. The golf course is nurtured with nice, fast greens that are always in top condition. It is strategically situated near the tranquil Kavlingean river, and the waterways are found in a lot of the holes, posing fun, exciting challenge for golfers. Special markings on the ground provide direction to find the next tee, making sure that you only have exceptionally smooth game experience. The layout of the course boasts of wide parkways, ample landing areas, and great putting surfaces.

We strive to provide you exceptional service every single time. We can’t wait for you to come and visit our full-serviced Kavlinge Golf Club Pro Shop, one of the finest in the region.